Reasons for choosing ReVirt

Instant trial

With our free 5TB 30-day trial, you can test ReVirt and the features of Veeam Cloud Connect.


Data safety is important, and we guarantee yours by securing your data in our GDPR-ready datacenters with 99.9 % uptime.

No commitment

You can test our product without using a credit card, as there is no commitment period or risk when trying ReVirt.

Business Protection Suite

When you have the Veeam Software installed you can begin to test our Business Protection Suite. The Business Protection Suite is created for the business that wants to ensure a high availability environment. We have four offerings in our Business Protection Suite:

Software-as-a-Service (Backup of Office 365)

And with them, you and your business will have access to all the services you need when outsourcing your IT. You can read more about each of the services on their subpages.

The ReVirt Data-Protection-as-a-Service suite is offered and supported by is a Danish company with SLA based on ISO 27002 and ISAE3402, proving the quality we offer as cloud service provider. Moreover, this service is GDPR ready, as it complies 100% with the General Data Protection Regulation. You can read more about here.

The ReVirt trial

Our instant provisioning trial offers you ReVirt for 30 days for free. Particularly relevant in this context is the fact that you do not need a credit card to try out our product. All we need is your email address and you are set for testing! Furthermore, this means no commitment period and no unnecessary risks.

When your 30-day free trial is up, it is really easy to sign up for real. Just contact us and we will help you decide on the right amount of storage for your business, and we are here, if you need any help using ReVirt. You can also check out our installation guide below.

FAQ, how-to videos and more

Cloud Connect

Veeam Cloud Connect Backup and Veeam Cloud Connect Replication are available through 60+ datacentres worldwide by Veeam Cloud Service Provider Because of these 60+ datacentres ReVirt has become an international offering, and is today delivered to more than 45 countries in regions all over the world including Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia, North America and South America.

ReVirt stands for Reverse Virtual, and that means bringing you back to how things were before your data loss. ReVirt has encryption and documentation and is a great way of achieving the 3-2-1-0 data protection rule.

An ReVirt package offers both availability and security. New users can start up right away through our instant provisioning engine. All you have to do is sign up with your email, and you will receive all the required information in minutes.

Optimise your business with ReVirt offerings

Add an extra level of security to your business with one or more of the offerings from our Business Protection Suite. Having a remote copy of your business data is an essential investment, because no one knows what the future may bring. Furthermore, if you require constant uptime, getting a backup of your infrastructure can prove to be more than useful.

In conclusion, the ReVirt Business Protection Suite can help you optimise your data security and secure the future of your business.

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