Archive-as-a-Service allows you to store your data in a cost-efficient way, until you need it again. Several businesses work with files that are not used on a daily basis, but are still are required to store the data for a specified time span before deletion. In a regular cloud environment, cold data such as this can be expensive to its host. Archive-as-a-Service is designed for cold data, so you can access your data any time, but in a cloud designed for that specific purpose.


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Our Archive-as-a-Service runs on the IBM technology called Cloud Object Storage (COS). The idea behind it is to replace your on-site local storage by a safe cloud environment hosted by IBM. Using AaaS is a very cost-efficient way to store data and protect it with military grade encryption – leaving your data in safe hands until you need it again. It is priced per TB consumed, and that’s it! No transfer or setup fees.



You will transfer data to IBM, and we will help you figure out how much storage you actually need, thereby giving you a quick and easy overview of your data. If your storage needs to go up or down in size, we are here to help you manage your solution.

Choosing Archive-as-a-Service can help you optimise your business. Moving cold data into the cloud will not only be cost-efficient, but lets you get rid of clutter and direct your attention to the data you actually need on a daily basis.


Does Archive-as-a-Service sound good for your business?

We are here to help you choose the right setup and solutions. If you are not sure how to set it up or which solution to choose, we can help. On you find a blog dedicated to IBM Cloud Object Storage (AaaS), where you find all the answers about regional/cross-regional accounts, buckets and data encryption.

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