Protecting-Infrastructure-as-a-Service you will be getting a full protection suite by to protect your own platform and/or infrastructure. We will deliver the software and can even del­iver the hardware you need to run the protection software. And we install the physical hardware that meets your infrastructure requirements. Also making sure that the installed hardware is the right hardware match. As a result, ensuring you the best and most reliable backup solution. Furthermore, we maintain the platform on a daily basis, so you do not have to think about whether your backup is running or not.


Protecting-Infrastructure-as-a-Service in detail

We install Veeam Backup & Replication Enterprise+ to above all make sure that all features are available. As a result, you get to use enterprise features such as SureBackup, storage integration and WAN accelerator. With SureBackup, we validate that the backup data is valid, within your own data centre. The storage integration lets us integrate with the storage layer to achieve the best RTO and RPO. And the WAN accelerator makes sure that data can be transferred over low-latency/low-bandwidth connections and offers better performance when data needs to be transferred.

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Our full suite of cloud offerings makes you compliant with the 3-2-1 data protection rule: Making sure that your data exists in 3 copies, on 2 different medias, and another one we store 1 copy offsite. Ensuring that your data is stored offsite, we use our own Cloud Connect offering – ReVirt BaaS. With ReVirt BaaS, and we send data with the highest End2End encryption possible over regular internet connectivity, so no need for VPN or any extra networking layers. We validate that the data has been saved offsite on a daily basis, and in case of any faults on the hypervisor and/or physical layer, we notify you ASAP to make sure that the fault causing the error is corrected. In conclusion, your data will be more safe than before.

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